Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fair Game (1986)

Fair Game proves my theory that every Australian movie will turn into The Road Warrior sooner or later. I never made it all the way through Picnic at Hanging Rock, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a dune buggy tricked out with spikes and monster truck tires figured into the finale somehow.

Fair Game came late in the Ozploitation cycle, but it’s a good’un. It’s about this foxy animal conservationist chick who doesn’t own pants. She gets into a rivalry with these kangaroo-poaching yahoos who drive a pick-up that has red headlights and big pipes welded to the hood so it kind of looks like they made a Hot Wheels car out of the devil from Spawn. The set-up seems like it’s gonna be a real sleazy I Spit On Your Grave type deal, where a chick gets raped around the Outback for an hour before getting her revenge. But this is an Australian chick we’re talking about, so she refuses to be a victim. There are plenty of opportunities for her to back down and let it go before things get out of hand, but she keeps giving as good as she gets. They sneak into her house and take a Polaroid of her taking a nap bare-assed; she sneaks into their camp and welds their guns together into an abstract barbed wire sculpture. They drive their truck through her house; she drives their van off a cliff. They strap her naked to the front of their truck like a deer carcass; she sets up a bunch of booby traps and kills the living fuck out of them with electricity, fire, and iron. This is some badass shit. I mean, John McClane gets a lot of credit for kicking ass barefoot, but let’s see him do it pantsless.

I recommend this one. There’s some pretty great stuntwork with this dude jumping from car to car in the middle of a high-speed chase, and it manages to have a bunch of nudity and a feminist message at the same time, so you get to have your tits and eat ’em, too.

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